Kiyukai -Vancouver Japanese Business Association-

Kiyukai -Vancouver Japanese Business Association-

Kiyukai was established in November 1987, by a group of like-minded business owners residing in Vancouver, and was registered as a non-profit in 1993, in British Columbia, Canada.

The purpose of Kiyukai is to contribute to the development of Nikkei, Japanese in Canada, business through the discussion of common interest topics, exchange of information through events, and by providing opportunity.

The Kiyukai membership represents a wide variety of businesses, including Food business, Legal/Accounting, Architecture, Retail, Restaurant, Trade, Financial/Insurance, Education, Travel/Hotel, Real Estate, Transportation, Communications/Media, Internet and Service Industry.

To provide opportunities for mutually beneficial information exchange, this association holds a variety of events such as seminars, discussions, and membership networking dinner events, as well as other events held in conjunction with other Vancouver organizations (Japan-Canada Chamber of Commerce, Vancouver Mokuyokai etc) to further broaden our network.

Non-members are welcomed to attend every event, for an additional fee.

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2017 Board of Directors

Yasuyo Sawada
Vice President
Akio Taniguchi
Mika Smith
Nobunari Mano
Hiro Okamoto, Yasumasa Kanatani, Takashi Tsukamoto, Katsuhiro Cho, Yori Nakatani, Toshikazu Takaoka, Kiyoharu Matsuo
Gary Matson, Mineo Hiyazaki

List of Corporate Members

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